Team Leader & Team Building

The most important aspect to building a strong team, is leadership. Whether it is coaching a kid’s baseball team or leading a huge organization, the key to success is leadership. At Unik Skills we have a big advantage over our competitors; it is understanding what it takes to be a great leader. Our staff of instructors and guest speakers has been exposed to various forms of leadership. Unik Skills prides itself on it’s professional demeanor and excellent leadership. In society we often take for granted, the great responsibility and accountability components of leadership. Everyday people are promoted into positions of leadership. The reality is that very few succeed.

To be a great leader, you need to be selfless, creative, innovative, have effective communication, and a great ability of motivating/inspiring your people. Your duty is to ensure that you provide a safe, positive and professional environment for your team to work in. The greatest leaders are open to criticism or points to improve in their leadership approach and demeanour. This is crucial when attempting to earn the respect of your people. 

At Unik Skills you will learn the fundamentals of effective leadership targeted for small or large groups. We will inspire you to become the best leader that you can be. Those of you in current leadership positions will witness a large improvement in your ability to motivate your people as well as build the morale in your workplace.


TEAM WORK is the most important aspect of a solid work environment. We will introduce you to the concept of “US” Unik Skills. There is no “I” in Team. You will work as individuals and learn the value of team-mates. From the lessons learnt and being an individual asset to your team, you will begin to understand the dynamics of a team. Most importantly, you will learn the value of each member of your team and how each of these members have a key to the puzzle. We have implemented interesting tasks that are guaranteed to keep you coming back for more.

Join US and we will give your team a new outlook on how to succeed, TOGETHER!

Teaching a Skill

You know how to perform a task or physically do something however, it’s a different thing to explain how to do it. We understand the consept of teaching a skill. There are systems utilized to demonstrate a skill and at Unik Skills we will help you understand these concepts. The most professional instructors in the world use these systems and it is the distinct advantage that they have over others that fail trying.

If you deal with teaching a sport, teaching a technical skill, teaching a fine motor skill or maybe even teaching safety procedures in the workplace. We will take you through a step by step system that will guarantee success. This systematic approach will allow you the luxury of being the most professional teacher in your current group of peers. With these techniques we have assisted, soccer, football and hockey coaches develop interesting practices, inspired athletes to express themselves in a professional manner and professionals articulate their teaching objectives – with results. As a University, College or Trades Instructor/Professor, you will increase your ability to deliver the content of your lessons, more effectively. This is the new wave of education and our approach is refreshing.

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In order to inspire your audience there needs to be a visual component.

Your appearance and professional conduct is a start. What about the presentation aspect? We show you how to prepare for a presentation and have the confidence to deliver the subject.

We focus on your strengths and explore methods that will have your audience on the edge of their seats. There are many ways to be a great speaker. At Unik Skills we will guide you to success and inspire you to learn a new way to present. Periodically we will host seminars with some of the world’s best public speakers and presenters. 

We will teach you:

  • Planning stage of a presentation;
  • Using technology to your advantage;
  • Understanding the components of a presentation;
  • Rehearsing the presentation;
  • Public speaking key points of interest;
  • Do’s and Don’ts; and
  • How to conquer that fear of public speaking.


The most amazing accomplishments in life are achieved as a result of Motivation. Too often people forget how important it is to set goals and have a sense of inspiration or purpose. We channel your energy into motivation, ensuring that you get the most out of life. At Unik Skills we will introduce you to techniques and proven methods that will motivate you to be your best. We look forward to sharing our stories and hosting guest speakers to show you that anything is possible if you have the passion or desire to achieve your goals. We will inspire you to learn and evolve as you strive to achieve your goals.