Our SURVIVAL training:

Survival Skills


At INSPIRE LEARN EVOLVE you will learn essential survival skills, in a wilderness environment. We focus our training for North America however, we also introduce you to various regions of the world. For individuals or groups that have specific regions of interest, we will tailor the training to meet your needs.

The skills you will learn are:

  • Knots and Lashings;
  • Rugged Terrain Movement;
  • Day/Night Navigation;
  • Priorities of work;
  • Camp craft;
  • Shelters;
  • Fire preparation;
  • Food & Water procurement;
  • Recovery planning, preparation and procedures;
  • Understanding & predicting weather patterns;
  • What to do in an Emergency;
  • First-Aid;
  • Trapping & Tracking;
  • Water obstacles;
  • Living off the land; and much more…


  • Elements of a fire;
  • Identifying suitable fuel for fire;
  • How to make a fire;
  • Improvised methods to create a fire; and
  • Smoke signals with rescue considerations.

In this session we will cover:

  • Identifying sources of water;
  • Filtration systems;
  • Improvised methods to gather or collect water; and
  • Water conservation/control.


We will teach you how to select an area for shelter and site considerations. You will understand the priorities of work and the advantages/disadvantages of survival shelters.

Food procurement deals with the concept that you will most likely be in the survival situation for an undetermined period of time. Most survivors suffer from the effects of starvation as a result of poor planning and training. In most cases, survivors reported that they wish that they procured food earlier. We will show you how to plan and prepare for the food procurement procedure. You will also learn which foods to stay away from and which foods will help you, in a survival situation. Vegetation awareness is also introduced.

Full-Spectrum First Aid

Our current First Aid Course is being updated and will be certifiable soon. At the present we offer seminars with some of the world’s best Wilderness First-Aid Organizations. Our intentions are to host some of the best seminars with the best instructors in the industry keeping up with the latest tricks of the trade.

We understand the demand for realistic and user-friendly medical training. For this reason we are developing a program that will certify our customers with Wilderness First-Aid for people in all environments.


Tracking is a very unique skill that has been around for many years. The evolution of society and urban development has diminished the need for primitive skills such as tracking. In today’s society you will find that hunters are of the few to utilize tracking techniques. When hunting an animal, hunters need to understand how to recognize the signs and spoor (tracks) that the animal leaves behind. We will teach you tricks to save you time and increase your chances of success.

We have designed a Tracking Program that includes skills in fieldcraft, concealment, observation and memory. With these proven skills, you will improve your Tracking capabilities extremely well.

Buy the SAS Guide to Tracking.